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About Roberto Gaona a Freelance UX Designer

About Roberto Gaona

Who am I?

My name is Roberto Gaona, I've been called many things but I like friend the most. I build solid relationships with my clients that blossom to lasting friendship. Friendship is the basis of repeat business.

I was born Los Angeles, California and raised in the city of roses (Pasadena for those of you who don't know). I got 3 other brothers and 1 sister. My family has strong ties to traditional art and design. My father taught me how to sketch and mold with clay, my mother taught me how to draw cars and my oldest brother taught me how to refine my sketches while my sister taught me how to color. My next oldest brother who loved to fight with me, taught me how to paint and looked after me in school.

My Professional Carrier

My professional carrier started back in 1998 where I designed websites for developers, security companies and telecom companies all while attending college at Mt. Sierra earning my way to a Bachelor’s of Science in Multimedia. Those experiences lead me to MGE Company – a start-up in the computer industry that I had the pleasure in designing websites, packaging and products from the ground up.

Maybe you're familiar with some of the products I've designed? I’ve designed various products such as the XG Dragon & Viper Computer Cases, Magnum External Power Supply and Sintek Modular Power Supplies that were sold worldwide to major distributors and here at home like Fry’s Electronics, Newegg and Micro Center.

My Accolades & Awards

So thats my quick background - fast forward 20 years, I graduated from Mt. Sierra College in Multimedia Arts & Design earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Made the Dean's List twice or was it three times? I don't remember.

I was nominated for receiving the iF Product Design Award in Denmark, many other accolades followed suit. Throughout my diverse carrier, I have come to know what I am truly passionate about - design and new ideas.

What Grounds Me

There's something about design and the exploration of new ideas that truly excites me till this day. I love hearing my customer's response when its all said and done. I’ve always gone the extra mile by adding SEO formulas and content marketing strategies that make a lasting impression and rank.

Why was SoCalWebby created?

I originally founded SoCalWebby to eradicate the web's biggest problem - cookie cutter websites - but my mission has grown as well as my design skills. In a world of never ending mobile demand from consumers, I had to expand my horizons and stay ahead of the flock.

Did you know that 90% of businesses such as insurance, legal, dental, escrow and others have started their online presence with an assembly line website template in which I've coined "cookie cutter website."

90% of SMB Start Off with Cookie Cutter Website

So chances are, your online presence is suffering because of cookie cutter web design. Your probably suffering from high bounce rates and pogo sticking, meaning that visitors find your website and hit the back button on the browser. Its all related to poor design, structure, seo, user experience and conversion rates.

Why I choose SoCalWebby?

I want to be your best Southern California Web Design Studio that you keep coming back to time and time again. To do this, I believe in creating one-of-a-kind design that stand out in the web - many of my clients sum me up as:

creative entreprenurial out of the box thinker

Let's take the next step together.

So you've read everything about me, now let me know a little about you. Send me an email or give me a call at 562-457-0810 and lets talk about what we can work on together.

I make good things happen for great people.

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