Works by Roberto Gaona

I only posted my ui/ux work below. I've done countless mobile websites, logos, print and marketing materials for various organizations. Most of that work is posted on Behance and Pinterest. If you'd like to check that work out, click on the social icons below.

Mobile Insurance Application
Mobile Insurance Shopping Cart Application
Application Activity Summary
Application History
Auto Responder Manager
Auto Responder Letter Creator
Carriers Plans Selector
Carriers Plans Selector Expanded
Carriers Plans Selector Advanced View
Doghound Visual Search Engine
Doghound Realtime Search Preview
Doghound Visual Search Results
Small Group Insurance Edit Policy
Bilingual Health Insurance Form
Quotit Forms and Applications Redesign
Colorful Insurance Website
Controlling Quotit Home Page
Controlling Quotit Splash Page
Controlling Quotit Landing Page
Controlling Quotit Saved Announcements
Controlling Quotit Response Tracking
Controlling Quotit Settings
Private Exchange Login
Private Exchange Quote Results
Private Exchange Cart View
Private Exchange Confirmation
Health Providers Dbase Results
Quotit Reminders Calendar Redesign
Quotit GO App Elements
Quotit GO App: New User
Quotit GO App: Main Screen
Quotit GO App: Quote Type Screen
Quotit GO App: Location and Contacts
Quotit GO App: DOB
Quotit GO App: Smoke Question
Quotit GO App: Plan View
Quotit GO App: Compare View
Quotit GO App: Checkout Step 1
Quotit GO App: Checkout Step 2
Quotit GO App: Checkout Success

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